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By COACH RUSSELL, 01/13/17, 7:00AM EST



23RD-DEC-8TH JAN 2017


The 10th Year of the training camp has come and gone. This year for the first time most of the program was missing swimmers training for upcoming Olympic Games so the camp took on a complete overhaul of a development in age group swimming for future swimmers at the top age group level.


We again stayed at the same location for the 8th year and same travel agency for travel.


We had some new faces in which they learn the rules of training and the required discipline  for training and competitive swimming. They went under a huge learning curve in training and what is required to achieve a higher standard of swimming i workouts and competition.


We had great pool time during the camp where training daily took in 4 hours of long course training each morning 1 hour of calisthenics then each afternoon power walking or British bull dog on the beach. Including fun relays everything goes boys against girls.

Lots of fun including the normal Jet skis and of course the exciting Turtle feeding which in it self turned into adventure with the boat breaking down the fun of getting back to the hotel.

We had a guest Coach from Northern Ireland working with the swimmers and learning the approach of development of top age group swimmers.

There where many teas across Canada, University of McGill, where one of our past swimmer William Dixon is training, University of Toronto again another of out past swimmers Olivia Sbaraglia .

Teams across  USA where in attendance

The top 4 swimmers during the 2 week period who training consistently  hard through the 16 days Ashley Hodge, Nil Pakkal, Shannon Russell, Michael Wang.

Many swimmers learn to train especially the chinese group of swimmers who now hold the record of repeating sets after sets and further 20 minutes of running due to not following the routine correctly after about 4 days they started learning.


It was a pleasure to see swimmers interacting with each other without the use of phones as they where not allowed during the day GOSH people actually spoke to each other.

We had a great New Years eve party with great dancing from the group see photos attached of the camp below

Next years camp will be from Dec 26 or 27 to Jan 9th 

If you have some more great photos please send so I can upload.