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Winter Challenge 2017

By CECIL RUSSELL, 01/30/17, 8:00AM EST


Winter Challenge 2017

First swim meet of the season and Team Dolphins swimmers excel with many personal best times including new club records and also Niagara State record.


Niagara record in 10 under girls in the 400 IM short course 

Sophie Lee age 10 New Club records in 200 IM - 400 IM 

3 Gold medals  3rd Gold in the 200 Back stroke.


Further Gold medal winners  

Dai Gao Wen 12 years of age 4 Gold 1 Silver including 2 club records

Ashley Hodge age 12 2 Gold 2 Silver 

Michael Wang age 14 2 Gold including 2 Club records

Shannon Russell age 14 2 Gold Medals

Aly El Shamy age 12  1 Gold 3 Silver 1 club record

Silver medalist

Avishka Delivera, Melissa Er, Helen Wu, Aidan Lee including club record,

Kathleen Moore, Nil Pakkal, Aleksa Skenderija, 

Bronze Medals

Rally Lin, Haomin Ye, 


Andrew Dissanayake, Zheng Hu, Reese Salisbury, Olivera Tabasjivue, Stefan Tanaskovic, Nicholas Wang, Aria Wilson, Daniel Lai, Paige Moore,

Next up swimmers who have qualified for Niagara Championships 

10 Under girls

Sophie Lee

Melessia Er,

10 Under Boys

Pavol Verona

11-12 Girls

Nil Pakkal

Ashley Hodge

Helen Wu

Kathleen Moore

Paige Moore

11-12 Boys

Aly El Shamy

Dai Gao wen

Nicholas Wang

Daniel Lai

Rally Lin

13-14 Boys 

Michael Wang

Hamomin Ye

Aleksa Skenderija

13-14 Girls

Shannon Russell

Senior Boys

Steven Tanaskovic

Avishka De Livera

Senior Girls 

Zheng Hu

Tyffany Patrier

Reese Salisbury

P;overa Tanaskovic

Joanne Chiarotto 

Gabriella  Harris 

as of Jan 30th 2017