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By COACH RUSSELL, 10/23/17, 12:30PM EDT



29 swimmers competed in the 1st competition of the season from Team Dolphins with outstanding performances from many of the swimmers in their first competitions the program  won a total 

25 Gold 23 Silver 17 Bronze 

with Aidan Lee age 8 setting 6 new club records 

The top swimmers of the meet was Shannon Russell age 15 winning 8 events in the woman's open competition.

Other gold medal winners where 

Aidan Lee age 8, Allan Lee age 15, Sophie Lee age 11, Andrew Liu age 12, Nil Pakkkal age 13, Tyffany Patrier age 17,  Pavel Vorona age 11, Joanne Chiarotto age 16, Aly El Shamy age 13, Ashley Hodge age 13, 

Silver medal winners 

Daniel Lia age 12, Paige Moore age 13, Sofija Skenderija age 12, Mingxuan Wang age 10,

Dai Gao Wen age 13, Ethan Chen age 8,Helen Wu age 13, 

Bronze medal winners 

Kathleen Moore age 13, Nicholas Wang age 12, 


Yassin Labib age 9, Benjamin Tong age 11, Valentina Chacon age 16, Melissa Er age 11, Aria Wilson age 11, Nicole Xie age 12, Daniel Zaki age 11, 

Great results for first competition. 

Photos to follow